Friday, 22 January 2010

Go on Adam

Adam Pearson never hides and never shirks the difficult options in football chairmanship. So, with speculation naturally growing about exactly why Hull City is taking its former chairman to court after yesterday's darkly-worded statement, he's gone for the jugular and told us.

The legalese flowers it up, but essentially Pearson believes Paul Duffen used City's money to finance his private ventures and businesses, and also took money from agents in return for a guarantee that the club would deal with those agents.

The official website has the full statement. This is going to be interesting, and messy. If we weren't already playing the Premier League champions tomorrow, I'd say it would be a distraction. Maybe there's something in Pearson's timing there too.

If only Pearson were to prove immortal. Aside from him, it seems we may not have had a chairman of either sound mind or strong morals for more than 20 years now. Fortunately, the one chairman who doesn't fall into either category happens to be just the most amazing individual the club has ever had within its walls.